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Enhanced Security Measures Coming to Windows 11: Admins Can Mandate SMB Client Encryption

Microsoft's Upcoming Windows 11 Update Introduces Stronger Network Security Through Mandatory SMB Encryption for Outbound Connections.

Microsoft is set to bolster the security of Windows 11 with new features in the upcoming version, providing enhanced protection for some users.

In a recent update shared on the official Microsoft blog, Ned Pyle, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, unveiled a significant security enhancement for Windows 11. This upcoming version will empower administrators to enforce Server Message Block (SMB) client encryption for all outbound connections. This means administrators can require that all destination servers support SMB 3.x and encryption. If these criteria are not met, the client will be unable to establish a connection.

Ned Pyle highlighted the significance of this feature, stating, “This enforces the highest level of network security as well as bringing management parity to SMB signing, which allows both client and server requirements.” SMB encryption ensures that data is encrypted end-to-end, providing a vital defense against potential eavesdropping and unauthorized access.