End of April Will Bring the Upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Update

The next Pokemon Scarlet and Violet update has been scheduled for the end of April. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet users celebrated Pokemon Day 2023 by learning about fresh and interesting stuff. Part of this stuff is already accessible in the games due to version 1.2.0, but as is not unusual in the gaming industry, the upgrade has been generating issues.

The most significant issue is a glitch that corrupts Pokémon Scarlet and Violet saves, making the game difficult for players. There have been multiple instances of players losing their saves, not being able to retrieve progress from hundreds of hours of play, shiny Pokemon, and other issues as a result of the glitch. Players are even reluctant to start playing again following the 1.2.0 upgrade, with worries regarding if “it is secure to get back to the games.”

According to Serebii, a new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet update is planned for late April and will address several problems. One of these flaws impacted players who did not download version 1.2.0 before challenging Tera Raid Battles for Wandering Wake or Iron Leaves, the new Gen 9 dox Pokémon. As a consequence, participants received an egg but were unable to catch the anticipated creature. The issue is exacerbated if the player maintains the egg in their party and is unable to engage in additional Tera Raid Battles. To make up for the issue, a new Walking Wake and Iron Leaves event will take place at the same time as the update.


About the issue of corrupted saves, a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player suggested a possible remedy. Despite this, there is no word on whether the issue will be addressed in the April update. According to Serebii owner Joe Merrick, The Pokémon Company is aware of the situation, but the reason remains unknown. Merrick also mentions that other members of the community have attempted to duplicate the problem but have been unable, implying that developers would have a similar challenge when examining the issue.

The Pokemon universe is at an intriguing position, with new DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on the way, as well as various new content announcements for other games in the brand. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet were plagued by bugs and problems upon their debut, giving players a difficult time. But, the developers have been working tirelessly to make the necessary improvements and enhance the overall experience.