Elon Musk’s Neuralink postpones its show-and-tell session until November 30th

Neuralink has pushed back its next “show and tell” event by one month. Elon Musk revealed on Sunday morning that the showcase will take place on November 30th, rather than October 31st, as initially promised in August. Musk did not explain why the delay occurred.

The most recent Neuralink event featured a monkey playing Pong with its thoughts. Since then, the majority of the business’s co-founders have left, and speculations have circulated that Musk is considering investing in a competing brain chip startup. Furthermore, the fact that Neuralink has yet to get FDA regulatory permission to commence human trials shows that the firm has reached a tipping point. Whatever it has to show next month might be vital to its future, so it’s understandable that the corporation believes it needs more time to prepare.