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Elon Musk Announces Twitter’s Plan to Launch Per-Article Charging Feature in May

Twitter is set to launch a new feature that could potentially provide publishers with a new way to earn from their content. As per company CEO Elon Musk’s announcement, Twitter will soon allow media publishers to charge users for access to individual articles they post on the website. However, users who opt for this per-article option will pay a higher price compared to those with recurring subscriptions. Musk said that the feature is designed for readers who only want to occasionally read specific content from a publisher. Therefore, the cost of individual articles will likely be lower than a monthly subscription.

Details on the upcoming feature are still unclear, and Musk has not disclosed which media outlets will be eligible for per-article charging. Additionally, it is unknown how much Twitter will take as commission. Previously, Musk announced that Twitter would not take any money from creators for subscriptions for the first year. After the year is up, Twitter will be taking a 10 percent cut on subscriptions. It is uncertain if this rule will apply to per-article payments.



Twitter, under Musk, has been introducing more paid features to boost revenue. Twitter’s verification badge is now available only for users with an $8-a-month Blue subscription. The company also introduced a new paid API, with enterprise customers paying almost $50,000 a month for access. Some organizations and companies, such as NYC’s transport authority, have chosen to end Twitter integration or leave the website altogether.

The new per-article charging feature is set to roll out next month. While its details remain unclear, it could provide a new way for media publishers to monetize their content on Twitter. However, it remains to be seen how this feature will be received by users, and whether it will help Twitter boost its revenue in the long run.

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