Electrifying Developments: Volvo's RWD EV lineup, GM's budget-friendly electric pickup, and Shell's EV charging network growth

Electrifying Developments: Volvo’s RWD EV lineup, GM’s budget-friendly electric pickup, and Shell’s EV charging network growth

On the policy front, California continues to take action against polluting automobiles. The state has prohibited pre-2010 diesel large rigs and is currently fining operators who are still operating them and rejecting registration. This is part of laws enacted over a year ago, as the state strives to minimise air pollution and reach its emission reduction objectives.

In the realm of in-wheel motors, Elaphe, a producer of in-wheel motors, and McLaren Applied Technologies have joined to create a new generation of in-wheel motors and coordinated inverters that might enhance efficiency and make EVs hyper-responsive. This alliance has the potential to alter the way EVs are constructed and might lead to more efficient and better-performing electric automobiles.