Electrifying Developments: Volvo's RWD EV lineup, GM's budget-friendly electric pickup, and Shell's EV charging network growth

Electrifying Developments: Volvo’s RWD EV lineup, GM’s budget-friendly electric pickup, and Shell’s EV charging network growth

Oil company Shell also made news this week, revealing intentions to buy Volta, a network that allows free ad-supported EV charging. This purchase is part of Shell’s attempts to increase its footprint in the EV charging industry, after its recent acquisitions of Greenlots and Ubitricity. With more and more electric cars on the road, the need for charging infrastructure is likely to expand, making this a prudent move for the corporation.

In the hydrogen fuel cell arena, Airbus revealed intentions to examine the feasibility of employing the technology to replace jet engines for greener passenger air travel. The business is working on a “megawatt-class propulsion system” and cryogenic hydrogen storage, with hopes for a flying test of the idea by the mid-decade. While the use of hydrogen fuel cells in the aviation sector is still in its early stages, the promise of zero-emission air travel is enticing.