Electrifying Developments: Volvo's RWD EV lineup, GM's budget-friendly electric pickup, and Shell's EV charging network growth

Electrifying Developments: Volvo’s RWD EV lineup, GM’s budget-friendly electric pickup, and Shell’s EV charging network growth

This week in the world of electric cars, carmaker Volvo revealed that it will be bringing back rear-wheel drive in its range-boosted single-motor EVs. The configuration is slated to appear in the 2024 XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge models, while specifications and availability for the U.S. market have yet to be released. This decision is noteworthy since it signifies a change from the industry norm of front-wheel drive EVs, which are more economical but sometimes lack the sporty driving qualities of rear-wheel drive cars.

In other developments, General Motors (GM) is allegedly mulling the inclusion of a $30,000 small electric truck to its portfolio. This move is a part of a design-based study to investigate potential inexpensive EVs, as the business tries to increase its electric car options. This comes after the company introduced its Ultium platform, which is anticipated to underlie the bulk of GM’s forthcoming electric cars.