Elden Ring Construction Makes It Difficult for Opponents to Focus on You

Elden Ring Construction Makes It Difficult for Opponents to Focus on You

It is challenging for opponents in PvP to lock onto the player after an Elden Ring player shared a video online of their custom build. Though odd character builds are popular in Elden Ring, it is rare that players stumble across a form that is as broken as it is strange.

Elden Ring has become one of the most popular action RPGs of all time since its debut in 2022. To fan and critical acclaim, FromSoftware brought its tried-and-true Dark Souls model to the open-world genre. While FromSoftware is known for developing harsh but rewarding PvE combat, Elden Ring also has a PvP component that lets players pit their builds against one another. In-depth character builds have always been key to FromSoftware games, and this footage illustrates how they are still as fundamental to the formula as they have always been.


stop your opponent to lock on you.” I have created a build where your opponent can’t lock on you, therefore making them almost impossible to hit. Additionally, I am using an arcane build to boost the sleep effect and then one-shot them. You need Assassin’s Gambit ash of war and Unseen Form spell. from Eldenring


The gamer in the video engages in duels against other players in the Colosseum. They plainly struggle to target Redditor Due Inflation5885, as they use the lock-on build and the slumber effect on their weapon to render them completely immobile. They then quickly dispatch the opposing opponent. This is done many times throughout the movie, with the player continually winning duels since they have no method of replying. It wouldn’t be the first time a player in Elden Ring displayed an extraordinarily strong PvP build.

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Although the build would be ideal for PvE play, people instantly voiced worries about its possible usage in PvP in the comments. “This is why I exclusively play PvE,” claimed Reddit user Party Gas 5343. There are several Elden Ring techniques for PvP success, and films like this one displaying build exploits will only make it more difficult for players to succeed in the Colosseum.

Elden Ring has a lot of exciting PvP features, but it’s preferable that they aren’t the main focus of the game. There are clearly numerous builds that are borderline unfair to employ and may cause anger when one surface. Players may still finish the game without ever engaging in PvP, which means they can utilise any build they choose without being penalised in-game. Some players go this a step further, using bizarre controls to defeat Elden Ring – something they couldn’t achieve in PvP.

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