Ecobee's entry into the video doorbell market is suggested by a leak

Ecobee’s entry into the video doorbell market is suggested by a leak

Ecobee, well known for its smart thermostats, may be developing a video doorbell. A stolen picture from ZatzNotFunny depicts what seems to be an Ecobee-branded video doorbell with rounded edges and a blue-outlined button.

The doorbell, as reported by ZatzNotFunny, has a green light status light as well as two tiny holes, one of which might be a microphone, situated just underneath the camera. Its general appearance seems to take cues from current doorbells on the market, such as the bright blue light used by Amazon-owned Ring and Blink, as well as the rounded corners seen on Arlo and Nest devices.

Aside from this one image, we don’t know much more about the item, such as whether it will be wired or battery-powered. However, the doorbell will most likely support Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Ecobee’s current smart thermostat and smart security camera lines already provide connections for all three platforms (and more).

Ecobee debuted its Premium and Enhanced smart thermostats earlier this year, the company’s first new products since being purchased by generator manufacturer Generac. Both of these gadgets were also leaked prior to their official release.

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