Early images of Fuecoco and Smoliv's evolutions appear with Paldean Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Early images of Fuecoco and Smoliv’s evolutions appear with Paldean Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Reliable Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks surfaced online, displaying Fuecoco’s and Smoliv’s overworld evolutions, with the leaker also releasing a screenshot of one of Tauros’ new regional versions fighting a trainer. After a lengthy and weird reveal cycle for Gen 9 games in which just 21 Pokemon were released for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ahead of launch, some fans were not expecting screenshots and images of the game to leak as early as 10 days before release. However, early photos of Gen 9 games are beginning to appear online, matching many of the leaks from Riddler Khu and others in recent months.

This is most certainly the start of a lengthier series of leaks, and given the individual who shared the images picked Fuecoco as their starting Pokemon, it seems that fans of the fiery crocodile will get to witness its ultimate evolution before the rest. In truth, the images only depict Fuecoco in its midway stage of development, which does exhibit the qualities mentioned by Riddler Khu in previous months, such as a flaming egg on top of its head.

The images were published by PearlEnthusiast, a Twitter account that has been active in the leaked season coming up to November. The first image revealed was of Smoliv’s initial evolution, which is more humanoid in form and might be dubbed Dolliv if the name stays the same in the English versions of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which is plausible. The second image shows a Paldean Tauros attacking a Grimer, and it seems that the trainer employing it is Nemona, one of the Gen 9 opponents. Finally, the third picture depicts Fuecoco’s middle-stage development, which seems to be named Crocalor.

Dolliv seems to shed Smoliv’s signature terrifying visage in favour of a more neutral one, and its features take on more human-like forms, as Riddler Khu and other leakers have hinted at before. According to the leaks, Paldean Tauros is a black variation of Kantonian Tauros, and it’s one of three regional forms the Pokemon will obtain in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with this one purportedly being a pure Fighting-type. Crocalor seems to preserve Fuecoco’s form, but it grows larger and gets a flaming egg on its head that resembles a sombrero hat.

Dolliv makes sense as the English term for Smoliv’s metamorphosis since it does resemble a doll but also sprouts an additional olive on top of its head. Similarly, Fuecoco’s evolution, Crocalor, fits with the concept of the Pokemon, since it preserves the crocodile suffix of its base form and transitions from “fuego” to “calor,” Spanish words that signify “fire” and “heat,” respectively. Finally, although Paldean Tauros seems to be too similar to Kantonia Tauros, its image is the least concentrated of the five. Further Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks are possible in the coming hours, so curious fans should keep a watch on Twitter for more early disclosures.