EA Pulls FIFA Games from Digital Shelves: What's Behind the Sudden Disappearance?

EA Pulls FIFA Games from Digital Shelves: What’s Behind the Sudden Disappearance?

EA Sports FC Takes Center Stage as FIFA Titles Vanish from Digital Stores

In a surprising move, Electronic Arts (EA) has made a decisive exit from digital storefronts like Steam and console stores, effectively pulling all its FIFA game titles from these platforms. The decision comes just as EA Sports FC 24 makes its debut, leaving many gamers and fans baffled by the sudden disappearance of FIFA games, including the previous year’s edition, FIFA 23.

While the FIFA games have vanished from digital storefronts, players subscribed to EA Play, the publisher’s subscription service, can still enjoy some of these titles. Furthermore, physical copies of the delisted FIFA games remain available for purchase on various console platforms. Those who have previously purchased FIFA games on digital storefronts will still have access to re-download them, ensuring continuity for existing players.