EA Downsizes Staff and Shifts Gears on Certain Game Franchises

In an unexpected move, video game giant Electronic Arts (EA) announced plans to lay off about 5% of its global workforce. CEO Andrew Wilson broke the difficult news in a company-wide statement.

He explained these cuts intend to “streamline operations” and yield enhanced game experiences for players. However, the human impact clearly weighs heavy on Wilson’s mind.

EA Downsizes Staff and Shifts Gears on Certain Game Franchises

“I understand this will create uncertainty and be challenging for many who have worked with such dedication and passion,” he sympathized. While some may transition to new roles, Wilson pledged utmost care and respect in supporting those affected.


EA Downsizes Staff and Shifts Gears on Certain Game Franchises


Major changes directly strike the studio Ridgeline Games. The team focused on crafting story-driven Battlefield titles. But with Marcus Lehto, the studio’s leader, recently resigning, EA is shuttering Ridgeline as an independent entity. Some staff will integrate into related studios.

Additionally, EA plans to cease development on several licensed game properties. Wilson stated tough “future viability” assessments determined certain titles unlikely to thrive in the evolving industry landscape.

One revealed casualty – the cancellation of an in-progress Star Wars FPS by studio Respawn Entertainment. Laura Miele, President of Central Game Development, explained that while disappointing, this move prioritizes resources into Respawn’s proven Star Wars Jedi and own IP franchises.

“Giving fans the next installments of the iconic franchises they want is the definition of blockbuster storytelling and the right place to focus,” Miele said.

With PlayStation also newly announcing 900 job cuts and studio closures, a volatile shift seems quietly stirring in the gaming world. As players, we often don’t glimpse the human stories unfolding behind our epic game releases and updates. This EA news invites us to reflect on that interplay.

While economic pressures inevitably force difficult decisions in any industry, we can only hope those impacted land on their feet soon. And that in consolidating, EA refocuses its mighty resources towards building even more magical gaming worlds for us to enjoy escaping into.