E3 2023 Canceled - Gamers Left Disappointed!

E3 2023 Canceled – Gamers Left Disappointed!

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has officially canceled E3 2023, citing a lack of sustained interest from industry members. Major players in the gaming industry, including Microsoft, Nintendo, and Ubisoft, had already confirmed that they would not have a presence on the E3 2023 show floor. ESA President and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis explained that changes in marketing plans from game companies and a willingness to experiment with digital events contributed to the decision to cancel the event.

The COVID-19 pandemic also changed the timeline for game development for several companies, leading to a lack of playable demos that would have been ready in time for the show. Pierre-Louis noted that the ESA is committed to providing an industry platform for marketing and convening, but wants to find the right balance to meet the needs of the industry. The ESA is not ruling out the possibility of future E3 events but will iterate and evolve the format to meet the changing needs of players and companies.