DS920+ with Synology Active Backup Suite Review

DS920+ with Synology Active Backup Suite Review

DS920+ with Synology Active Backup Suite Review

When you are running a small business or a large enterprise, it is very important that you keep all your data backed up and secure. The threat to data poaching is very real in these times and backup services are one aspect where you should not resort to cost-cutting. If you are in the market for a solid backup suite for your business, then we have an amazing option for you today. The Suite in question is the new Synology Active Backup Suite powered by DSM the sleekest and fluid OS from Synology.

The Synology Active Backup for business comes with a slew of features but the general working principle here is that it centralizes unlimited backup tasks for Windows Server and PC, VMWare, Office 365, and even G-Suite. These services are among the must-haves for businesses around the world and all of them are supported within the Synology Active Backup package.

The Synology Active Backup for business also offers lightning-fast recovery for all the supported services and individual files are also made instantly available. But the clincher is that you get all of this and more for ZERO license fees.

Why should you go for the Synology Active Backup for Businesses?

The major reason to adopt the Synology Active Backup for business is the centralized control scheme. You can manage all backup settings from one central console and also deploy mass backup tasks. The console also allows you to generate reports related to services and backup tasks.


DS920+ with Synology Active Backup Suite Review

DS920+ with Synology Active Backup Suite Review


The next important aspect of backups for business is storage. There is a lot of data that has to be backed up, but many times, we end up saving duplicate copies of the data and that leads to memory hogging. Synology Active Backup for Business has been designed to optimize the NAS storage efficiency and reduce the storage consumption across platforms, devices, and versions with global deduplication.


DS920+ with Synology Active Backup Suite Review


The next aspect is Data or Service recovery. When you are running an enterprise, time is of the essence, and the longer your recovery takes, the farther behind you are going to be in terms of your peers. In an age where developments are taking place every second, the Synology Active Backup for business keeps you in the lead with the most Flexible Recovery mechanism in the market today.


DS920+ with Synology Active Backup Suite Review


Finally, the whole of Synology Active Backup for Business is available for use to the enterprise for absolutely no license fees. A one-time NAS payment is all that stands between you and lightning-fast backup and recovery for your business.


DS920+ with Synology Active Backup Suite Review


What is the BEST hardware to support the Synology Active Backup for Business?

A backup and recovery solution works best when you have coupled it with some solid hardware. This hardware needs to have all the necessary requirements in order to stay on top of the task. By far, the best investment in terms of hardware is the Synology Diskstation DS920+.

The DS920+ is the perfect companion hardware for the Synology Active Backup for business package thanks to its robust build, industry-relevant design, and top-of-the-line features which really take the whole Hardware-Software marriage to the next level.

The DS920+ is a successor to Synology’s very popular DS918+ device and it is definitely a huge step up in some critical aspects, especially performance. The best part about the whole Synology experience is that they bundle in everything you need for getting things started, right in the box. This means that when you unbox the DS920+, there is no need to drive back to the electronics store to get some additional peripherals because it’s all there in the box.

The design of the DS920+ is almost similar to that of the DS918+. If you have not owned a Synology NAS device before, rest assured that you are in for a treat. The whole design aesthetics are clean, with no unnecessary materials left hanging around, and most importantly it’s all black. This gives the DS920+ an ‘Everywhere Ready’ appearance.

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There is no LCD display or any sort of visual output for the user. Instead, Synology has gone very spartan with buzzers and led notifications to get the point across. These LEDs come in three color codes (Red, Amber, and Green), and they are assigned to provide immediate status about power, Network Activity, Drive access, and System status.

DS920+ with Synology Active Backup Suite Review

The DS920+ is designed to be versatile. You could be a huge Enterprise, an Enthusiast, an SMB, or even a content creator. Irrespective of your profession, the DS920+ will serve you to the same ability.

Coming back to the hardware aspects, the DS920+ is powered by the Intel Celeron J4125 Quad-core processor. Coupled with this is 4GB of DDR4 RAM, which can be further expanded to 8GB. The Processor can be turbo boosted up to 2.7GHz, which will offer you that much more punch in terms of performance and Multitasking.

We have a USB 3.0 port on the front of the DS920+ and this can be used to backup files onto an external drive if required. The amazing part here is that you can do this operation on an ad-hoc basis or set a schedule. Either way, the performance will be top-notch.


DS920+ with Synology Active Backup Suite Review


The DS920+ also features dual 1GbE ports which do a great job of supporting Link aggregation and Network failovers. Additionally, thanks to the Synology DX517, you can scale up to 9 drives with the utmost flexibility. In case of any damage or problems, the DS920+ also comes with a 3-year warranty, which can also be extended to 5 years if required.

The DS920+ was built with one thing in mind – Performance optimization. Devices today are known to provide more for less and the newest offering from Synology mimics this mantra with its own little twist. NAS devices feature storage drive slots that offer various functionalities in terms of backup, restore, and performance enhancements. The DS920+ also features drive slots but it also comes with two inbuilt M.2 2280 NVMe SSD slots. The specialty of these SSD slots is that they support cache acceleration WITHOUT occupying a dedicated Drive slot on the device. This keeps the drive slots ready for other applications and as such, the whole process is optimized.


DS920+ with Synology Active Backup Suite Review


Synology has been a pioneer of the snapshot replication package and the Ds920+ takes this to the next level. Basically, Snapshot Replication provides schedulable, near-instantaneous data protection, ensuring business data in shared folders, and virtual machines in iSCSI LUNs, remain safe and available in the event of a disaster. The Synology NAS also allows you to set up and run mainstream virtual machines right from this device, once again asserting the versatile nature of the Ds920+.

Taking a step further in terms of backup, the Ds920+ allows you to backup an endless number of Windows Save points, VMWare and Hyper V Virtual machines, filer serves, and even G-Suite data and user accounts. The restore process is almost instantaneous and will have you minutes if not hours behind getting things set up after an overhaul or a shutdown. Next, we have cloud computing. Workplaces today have become increasingly collaborative, with team members coming from around the world, and while it was necessary for the team to be present on-site, cloud computing has entirely removed this dependency. The DS920+ works seamlessly with the Synology Active Backup suite to set up secure cloud servers that can help you not only backup your content, but also share the content with team members around the world. This accelerates the workflow and also helps set up a vibrant, collaborative work environment.

Overall, when it comes to a perfect combination of backup service and the ideal hardware to carry out the operation, there is nothing ahead or above the deadly combination of the Synology Active Backup Suite and the Synology DS920+.

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