Drew Carey's AI-Powered Radio Program Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans

Drew Carey’s AI-Powered Radio Program Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans

Drew Carey, the host of “The Price is Right” and veteran improv comedian, recently experimented with AI technology during a recent episode of his SiriusXM radio show, “Friday Night Freakout.” Carey used an artificially generated version of his voice, written by ChatGPT, to handle most of his DJ work. The AI voice introduced upcoming songs and recapped what listeners were hearing. However, Carey’s fans were not pleased, and they complained that the voice sounded soulless and lacked Carey’s usual personality.

According to Carey, his fans missed the “real Drew.” The experiment was successful in testing the limits of AI on the radio, but Carey’s fans ultimately forgave him, and he learned his lesson not to repeat the experiment.

AI has become a threat to many entertainers in an already precarious industry. Recently, online trolls used AI to impersonate celebrities such as Emma Watson and Joe Rogan. Watson’s simulated voice read portions of Mein Kampf aloud, while other deep-faked voices made openly racist and transphobic statements.

While Carey’s AI voice was not perfect, it demonstrated that AI could be used for the grunt work of radio and other production, such as reading a script late at night or generating ad copy. Carey believes that AI could also be a way for celebrities to continue working indefinitely, long after they retire or pass away.

According to a recent report from Goldman Sachs, up to 300 million jobs around the world could be automated thanks to recent advancements in AI. However, the bank’s economists also point out that major innovations that replace some jobs typically lead to the creation of new roles.

Carey isn’t worried about AI taking over his job, as he believes people want to see him and his interaction. Although AI technology may have its place in the entertainment industry, it still cannot replace the unique personalities of entertainers like Drew Carey.

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