Dredge Game Set to Dive into New Depths with ‘The Pale Reach’ Expansion

Explore a Mysterious Frozen Frontier and Unlock Fresh Content Next Month

Black Salt Games, the creative minds behind the captivating game Dredge, have made an exciting announcement. Dredge is set to receive its first paid expansion, ‘The Pale Reach,’ launching on November 16 across all platforms. This expansion will unlock a brand new location for players to explore and unveil its hidden secrets.

The Pale Reach expansion not only introduces a frosty frontier but also offers new fishing opportunities, equipment to master, and achievements to earn as you journey through the mysterious storyline. While detailed information about the DLC remains somewhat scarce at the moment, a reveal trailer accompanying the announcement provides a glimpse of the new and intriguing location that awaits exploration.

However, ‘The Pale Reach’ wasn’t the initial expansion that Black Salt Games had intended to release for the game. Surprisingly, a week before revealing ‘The Pale Reach,’ the original paid expansion, ‘Iron Rig,’ which was initially scheduled for a simultaneous release, was postponed until 2024. While a precise release date for the upcoming paid expansion remains undisclosed, players have a fresh chunk of content to immerse themselves in while awaiting further updates.

The swift revelation of an entirely new expansion beyond ‘Iron Rig’ has taken many by surprise. The development team had announced alongside the delay that another paid DLC would arrive for players before the end of 2023. However, no one expected it to be unveiled in such rapid succession following the initial announcement. Nevertheless, this unexpected expansion is an excellent reason to return to one of the finest indie games, providing an opportunity to brush up on your fishing skills and uncover the eldritch mysteries hidden in the frozen frontier.