Disney Dreamlight Valley is giving out free moonstones

Disney Dreamlight Valley is giving out free moonstones

Disney has announced that all Disney Dreamlight Valley players will get 2,500 Moonstones for free on Monday as a thank-you for sticking with the game during its sometimes-rocky Early Access debut. This large distribution of Moonstones would enable gamers to buy the full current Star Path or save them for future Disney Dreamlight Valley expansions.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, developed by Gameloft, is a life simulation game that will be released in Early Access in the autumn of 2022, drawing significantly on games such as Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series. Players of Disney Dreamlight Valley, like Animal Crossing, may personalise their character and residence with several various goods while accomplishing game objectives. After garnering a generally positive response from many Disney fans upon its early access release, the game has battled with a slew of technical difficulties, including a flashing screen effect that makes it impossible for certain players to explore the Vitalys Mines section included in the most recent update.

Developer Gameloft announced that all players would get 2,500 Moonstones on Monday in a tweet from the official Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account. The makers characterise this surprise recompense as an “expression of gratitude” for users who have stuck with the game despite its many technical difficulties. Moonstones are a kind of cash in Disney Dreamlight Valley, enabling players to acquire goods and outfits on the game’s Star Path. The Star route works similarly to Fortnite’s Battle Pass system, with two levels of unlocked goods that can be obtained by performing in-game objectives or investing real money.

This sudden influx of Moonstones is great news for those wishing to upgrade their character or house with new stuff. Disney Dreamlight Valley’s customization features have already resulted in some excellent fan creations in the game. Fans have taken inspiration from a wide range of sources when it comes to personalising their game, from duplicating costumes from popular TV series and movies to the player whose Disney Dreamlight Valley avatar cosplays as Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village.

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Many gamers believe that the foundations of what might be a terrific game are already in place as Gameloft works to smooth out the bugs in Disney Dreamlight Valley during the game’s Early Access era. If the creators keep reacting to player comments, iterating the game to make it more pleasant, and admitting mistakes along the way, Disney Dreamlight Valley has the potential to be a genuinely worthy challenger to Animal Crossing.

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