If you are one of those who have made their New Year resolution of starting up their online business then you must understand the importance of domain name. How to register them in your name and which one will be the best domain option for you! If you are a large business holder then you have proper planning on how to go about it but if we talk about small or mid size business holder then it is observed that they hardly know what domain name is!

Finding the right match!

The days of .com and .co are a thing of past, as there comes a bevy of new and interesting domain names. With GoDaddy providing us the options of creative domain names which will actually define the business or the work associated with it. Some of the unique domain names that are available at this point of time are –

  • .bike
  • .gallery
  • .estate
  • .camera
  • .equipment
  • .guru

Now a plumber who wants to put out a site of his own, he can use the domain name .plumbing which will instantly earn him customers. Domain name is your identity so you can’t go wrong here else everything will backfire. If you are a teacher who want to start own website which will populate tutorials and answer any queries that the student have then selecting .guru will be the best option for you. Someone who is photographer by profession can choose .photography as the domain name as it is self explanatory. It will instantly give you an identity and people would know what to expect from your site even before visiting your site.

Types of registrations for generic top level domains (gTLD)

There are three types of Domain names available in the market. So when you are thinking of registering your business with a domain name you must look into the category that you fall in. There are closed registrations, open registrations and Restricted registrations.

There are some exclusive criteria which you need to fulfill before you get the registration done for the particular domain extension in the Restricted Registration.

The Open Registration is actually open to all and there is no restriction or criteria that you have to fulfill.

Brands are considered for the closed registrations. The domain name includes their companies name therefore it becomes quite obvious that it can only be used by that particular company only.

New and interesting domain names in town!

Everybody is talking about the new domain name that has come is yet to hit the market and there are some which is already ruling the market. When the new domain names came up some business were hesitant about using it as they thought it will be a waste of money and these domain names will not help their business in any which way. But there were many who believed that these domain names had the potential to take their business from where they are now to the center of attraction. They thought it is like an advertisement in itself as the customers who are visiting the website knows why they are there and what services they want.

With all the interesting names already out in the town it is interesting to know what else is in store. If you want you can filter your options through several categories like business, commerce, Government, Industry, Geographic, Food and Drink, etc.

In the business category –

Here it depends what business you are in. It gives you an identity online and is often considered as one of the marketing tool to promote your business online. For example –

  • .ads
  • .agency
  • .careers
  • .ceo
  • .company and so on

In the commerce segment –

If you want people to know what you are dealing with just by the name of your website then choosing this type of personalized domain name will help you in attracting individual to your website. Foe example –

  • .bid
  • .blackfriday
  • .charity
  • .cab
  • .auction, etc.

In the Government sector –

When we are trying to look for a particular information then government website is a general search and huge task but with specific domain names it will be easier for the end users to navigate through the search list

  • .airforce
  • .army
  • .democrat
  • .navy
  • .republican

In Geographic domain–

It represents the location virtually and therefore it can be of high value to the improvement of the place. For example –

  • .arab
  • .barcelona
  • .broadway
  • .africa
  • .brussels, etc.

In this way you can choose name of your domain which will suit your work. You can also select the domain name which will describe the type of information a visitor might expect from your website. If selected wisely then the domain name has the potential of drawing huge traffic towards your website. It is human nature to explore new things therefore when they will see some interesting names then it is obvious that they will be curious to know whether the website matches the domain name at all!