Discover the Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors for 2023

Discover the Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors for 2023

The picture quality is characterized by vibrant colors and striking clarity, with Samsung’s support for the HDR10+ format allowing for scene-by-scene picture calibration in compatible films and TV shows. The projector also benefits from the full integration of Samsung’s smart TV operating system, although it may exhibit occasional sluggishness.

Where the Premiere LSP9T truly shines is in its built-in sound system. Dialogue is centered within an elevated soundstage, while specific effects are accurately positioned to align with on-screen action. The projector excels in reproducing intricate audio details, even in complex movie soundtracks, and it handles treble effects with finesse, avoiding harshness or distortion.

Admittedly, the Premiere LSP9T comes with a significant price tag, but its exceptional performance and feature set make it an outstanding choice for those with the means to afford it. For those seeking a top-tier home cinema experience, the Samsung Premiere LSP9T stands as an impressive contender.


Number 5. Epson EpiQVision Ultra LS800


Discover the Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors for 2023


In the ever-expanding landscape of ultra-short-throw (UST) projectors vying for the title of the best projectors on the market, Epson has consistently demonstrated its prowess with its laser-lit 3LCD technology across various formats. The Epson LS800 carries this technology forward in a robust UST package, impressively priced at $3,499 / £3,199 (approximately AU$5,240).

What immediately catches the eye is the LS800’s remarkable 4000 lumens of brightness, a feature that makes it exceptionally suitable for daytime viewing without the need to cover every window with blackout curtains. While it may lack eARC support and a broader color gamut, the LS800 compensates by being an incredibly versatile and user-friendly projector that’s ready for use around the clock with minimal hassle.

Enhancing its appeal further is the LS800’s built-in speaker system, designed by Yamaha. This speaker setup not only packs a punch but also proves more than sufficient for rooms spanning 200 to 300 square feet. The virtual sound mode is a pleasant surprise, delivering a balanced mix of voices, sound effects, and music while creating an immersive impression of surround sound.

The Epson LS800 has secured its place as an excellent choice for anyone seeking a straightforward yet powerful projector. It excels in delivering a massive, viewable image at any time of the day, making it a compelling option for various home entertainment needs.