Discord to Introduce Conversation Summaries with Help from OpenAI

Discord, the popular chat app, is partnering with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT throughout the app. While the use of chatbots and machine learning in apps is nothing new, Discord plans to use the technology in a few more novel and potentially useful ways. The company will begin rolling out a public experiment next week that will augment Clyde, the built-in bot Discord employs to notify users of errors and respond to their slash commands, with conversational capabilities. Discord envisions people turning to Clyde for information they would have obtained from Google in the past, such as asking the chatbot for the local time in the place where someone on your server lives to decide if it would be appropriate to message them.

Discord is quick to note that Clyde is programmed not to bother you and your friends. Admins can also disable the chatbot if they don’t want to use the feature on their server. The first time you activate Clyde, Discord will display an opt-in prompt. For users worried about privacy, Discord assures them that the company is not sharing user data with OpenAI to assist the startup in training its machine learning models.