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Diablo IV Set to Conquer Steam on October 17

The highly acclaimed dungeon-crawling sequel, Diablo IV, is making its official debut on Steam on October 17th. This announcement is a significant win for PC gamers, as the game was previously exclusively available on Blizzard’s own platform, Battle.net. Steam, being a more widely-used service, opens up new horizons for both existing fans and potential players. This news is especially exciting for those fortunate enough to own a Steam Deck, as it promises to simplify the process of enjoying this epic adventure on the go.

While Valve has not yet rated the game for Steam Deck compatibility, such an evaluation is likely to occur closer to the release date. However, one important detail to note is that you will still require a Battle.net account to begin your journey in Diablo IV. Similar to the Battle.net version, standalone PCs will need, at a minimum, an Intel Core i5 or AMD FX-8350 CPU, along with 8 GB of RAM (although 16 GB is recommended) to ensure smooth gameplay.