Developers of Shin Megami Tensei Discuss Soul Hackers 2's Reception and Mention a Unannounced Title

Developers of Shin Megami Tensei Discuss Soul Hackers 2’s Reception and Mention a Unannounced Title

A new game is being worked on at the company as the recently released Soul Hackers 2 developers talk about the game’s creation and reception. Soul Hackers 2, a cyberpunk-styled sequel spin-off of the original Soul Hackers game from 1997, was published earlier this summer. After a twenty-five-year hiatus, this is the first entry in this subseries, with the game even losing the Shin Megami Tensei component of its title. Despite this, it has many classic aspects, such as the fighting system and demon fusion techniques.

Atlus producers Eiji Ishida and Mitsuru Hirata addressed the production of Soul Hackers 2, the game’s global release and its general critical reaction in a roundtable chat with Denfaminicogamer. Ishida previously said that annual customer surveys conducted by Atlus assisted in determining what the fans want. One of the most popular requests was for a remake or sequel to the original game, which is one of the main reasons Soul Hackers 2 was created. Despite the high demand, the final outcome was a mixed bag for many fans.

Ishida addressed the player complaints of Soul Hackers 2, stating that they were “harsh” as well. He stated that this entry has no ties to the mainstream Shin Megami Tensei games, with the sole link being the ability to summon demons. Ishida remarked that since the settings of each game he directed changed regularly, he felt he was establishing a fresh IP each time. Having said that, he admitted that Atlus-developed games are about “continuous change,” and that sequels would look back at the prior game while attempting to make new modifications.

Hirata went on to say that the most recent patch for Soul Hackers 2 was created to solve pacing difficulties that the game faced at launch. This contains a dash function, a quicker fighting pace, and other enhancements to the quality of life. Hirata made an offhand remark about Shin Megami Tensei 5 and Soul Hackers 2 being in development at around the same time, adding that the work was taking place at a desk next to him. He also said that “another title” was being worked on on the opposite side of him, albeit the name of this game is presently unknown.

Some fans assume that the unidentified game stated by Hirata is the speculated Persona 6 or possibly Project Re: Fantasy, while others dismiss this theory since they are all created by separate Atlus subsidiary companies. Despite the fact that Soul Hackers 2 sold below expectations, there will be other free upgrades after this one, with Atlus and Sega hopeful that the improvements and enhancements would help increase sales.

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