'Detective Pikachu Returns' Trailer Reveals Coffee-Loving Pokémon!

‘Detective Pikachu Returns’ Trailer Reveals Coffee-Loving Pokémon!

During its recent Pokémon Presents livestream, The Pokémon Company shared a range of exciting updates. One significant announcement was the unveiling of a new trailer for Detective Pikachu Returns, a highly anticipated sequel that is set to launch on Nintendo Switch on October 6th.

Detective Pikachu Returns brings a fresh perspective to the Pokémon franchise by casting its iconic mascot as a gritty, tough-talking detective. In this installment, Detective Pikachu, alongside his partner Tim Goodman (who possesses the unique ability to understand Pikachu’s speech), delves into a series of peculiar incidents in the city of Ryme. The story unfolds as Pikachu, while sipping coffee or searching for clues about his missing partner Harry (Tim’s father), collaborates with various Pokémon and humans who coexist in the city.