DeLorean establishes a date for the electric vehicle's resurrection
Image Source -Twitter

DeLorean establishes a date for the electric vehicle’s resurrection

The DeLorean is an iconic vehicle — stainless steel body, gull-wing doors — and perhaps the most recognized film automobile of all time. Additionally, it is a brand name that other individuals have attempted to revive over the years, with varying degrees of success.

The DeLorean Motor Company, based in Texas, began teasing the revelation earlier this year, launching a social media campaign in February with the motto “The Future was never guaranteed,” which seems like a massive misstep for a car that is mostly connected with a time-travel film.

We’ve traveled this path previously. In 2016, the business published a teaser film promising a resurrected DeLorean – but nothing materialized. In 2019, a group of Stanford scientists created an autonomous DeLorean capable of performing donuts, which was entertaining but also served as a reminder of what we’ve been missing. If we’re not careful, this current edition may also vanish in a puff of smoke (or vapor).