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Deleted tweets are reappearing on Twitter: Here’s why

A growing number of Twitter users have recently raised concerns over deleted tweets mysteriously reappearing on the social media platform. Reports suggest that even retweets that were previously deleted are also being affected by this unusual bug. According to ZDNet, one security expert revealed that a staggering 34,000 messages were restored, shedding light on the scale of the issue.

Widespread Impact and Anecdotal Evidence:

Although the problem seems to be affecting a significant number of users, the available information remains largely anecdotal. Primarily, individuals who have batch-deleted tweets using third-party services such as Redact or TweetDelete appear to be most affected. However, it is important to note that the issue is not limited to these users alone. It is advisable for all Twitter users to check their feeds for the reappearance of any previously deleted content.

Data Privacy Concerns:

While this issue may seem trivial to some, it raises questions about how Twitter handles and protects user data. A former Twitter Site Reliability Engineer suggested on Mastodon that the problem could be linked to the improper adjustment of server topology during the process of moving servers between data centers. Unfortunately, due to recent changes made by Twitter CEO Elon Musk, the absence of an official press team and the replacement of the press line with a bot responding solely with poop emojis, no official statement has been issued by the company to address the matter.

Unsettling Times for Twitter:

The social media platform has been going through a rather peculiar period in recent months. The city of San Francisco launched an investigation into potential building code violations by Twitter, adding to the company’s troubles. Additionally, technical glitches have plagued the platform, further contributing to a decline in user engagement. With competitors eagerly awaiting the opportunity to capture those leaving the service, Twitter finds itself facing a significant challenge.