Declutter Your Phone with Android's Automatic App Archiving Feature

Declutter Your Phone with Android’s Automatic App Archiving Feature

Google has launched an auto-archive feature that removes key parts of apps without deleting personal data, which can free up to 60% of an app’s space. The feature is intended to help users save space on their phones by shelving unused apps. If an app is still available on the Play Store, users can re-download the missing pieces by tapping its icon. This feature is activated when the user tries to install an app but there isn’t enough storage space left on their device.

To check for unused apps, users can go to the Apps section of settings, where the software will indicate if an app has not been opened for more than a few months. However, developers must publish their apps using the App Bundle format for this feature to work, which has been mandatory since 2021.

Apple has offered custom recommendations to remove unused apps since the release of iOS 11 in 2017. Nevertheless, Google’s auto-archive feature may be more helpful on Android, which powers a wider range of phones, including low-end models. This feature may help users avoid the need to upgrade a budget device by allowing them to archive unused apps until they are ready to use them.

The feature may also help developers retain users. If users can auto-archive apps, they are less likely to completely uninstall those apps, increasing the chances of creators holding on to customers, even if those customers seldomly return.

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