Deadpool 2 Actress to Appear in Hideo Kojima's Next Game

Deadpool 2 Actress to Appear in Hideo Kojima’s Next Game

Shioli Kutsuna will appear with Elle Fanning in Kojima’s forthcoming game.

Hideo Kojima continues to tease more facts about his next game. Shioli Kutsuna will feature in the game with the previously mentioned Elle Fanning, according to an update to a teaser page on Kojima Productions’ website.

In Deadpool 2, Kutsuna portrayed Yukio. The artwork indicating Kutsuna’s participation in the upcoming Kojima game contains the same sort of “strands” seen in early Death Stranding teases.

It’s unclear if Fanning and Kutsuna will feature in the rumored Death Stranding sequel, Kojima’s Xbox game, or something else completely.

Kojima’s teasers have been mysterious, asking “Who Am I?” and “Where Am I?” More surprises are on the way, according to Kojima, and The Game Awards in December—hosted by Kojima’s close friend Geoff Keighley—could be a likely location for another announcement.

Kojima recently discussed one of his forthcoming projects. He added that he’d intended to create it for years, but the technology wasn’t ready until now. “It’s almost like a new media,” remarked Kojima. “If this works, it will change things—not only in the gaming business but also in the movie industry.”


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