Crossplay Matches in Overwatch 2 now include the contentious Aim Assist feature

Crossplay Matches in Overwatch 2 now include the contentious Aim Assist feature

Blizzard adopted an unexpected but reasonable position when Overwatch 2 originally released. Console gamers engaging in crossplay would not get any aim assistance, regardless of the game mode. Given the relative superiority of the mouse and keyboard control method, that move clearly benefited Overwatch 2 PC gamers. However, it undoubtedly put console gamers, especially the typical console player, at a disadvantage when it came to crossplay.

Blizzard has re-implemented aim assist for console players in Overwatch 2, in what is sure to be a contentious choice. When console players are joined with PC players and start the crossplay queue, aim help will function in all game modes except Competitive. Naturally, aim help previously functioned in console-exclusive queues, so there’s no change there. This modification only affects console gamers that are grouped with PC players.

Blizzard also explained why it made the choice. The absence of aim aid in crossplay parties assured that controller users were “opting into a terrible experience” merely to play with their buddies, according to the article. Alternatively, many Overwatch 2 groups were obliged to refrain from playing with their PC pals in order to have a “nice experience.” While Blizzard does not directly state that this move was meant to make console gamers more competitive with PC players, it is strongly inferred.

For what it’s worth, Overwatch 2 console gamers haven’t been too upset about Blizzard’s original choice not to give cross-platform aim help. This decision seems to be motivated by Blizzard’s statistics rather than public uproar. If anything, the uproar will come from PC gamers who feel disadvantaged as a result of console players’ aim help.

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Blizzard will continue to carefully monitor the change. Aim help is far from a flawless science. There is a lot of tuning that goes into it to ensure that aim help does not overwhelm controller users. Skill should still be the most important component while playing Overwatch 2, whether with a gamepad or a keyboard. Having said that, Blizzard obviously wants to guarantee controller users can compete with PC users, even if PC users believe it’s unfair. It’s difficult to argue that enjoyment shouldn’t be the emphasis as long as it’s not in Competitive mode.

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