Create Complex Smart Device Automations with Google Home's New Script Editor

Create Complex Smart Device Automations with Google Home’s New Script Editor

Automate Your Home with Google Home's New Script Editor

Last month, Google unveiled a redesigned version of its Home app, introducing routines to grant users greater control over their smart home automations. Now, Google is taking it a step further with the introduction of a new script editor, as announced in a recent blog post on the Google Nest website. This new feature empowers users with even more precise control over their automations, enabling them to accomplish tasks such as “dimming lights and lowering blinds when the living room TV is on after dark,” as exemplified by Google. However, it does require users to possess basic programming abilities, as it utilizes the YAML data serialization language.

To create an automation using the script editor, three key elements are required: starters, conditions, and actions. Starters serve as triggers for the automation, such as turning on the TV in the aforementioned example. Conditions, on the other hand, establish prerequisites that must be met before the script executes, such as the time falling between sunset and sunrise. Lastly, actions dictate which devices will be activated, such as lowering blinds and turning off lights.