Anker Solix: A Modular, Solar Battery System for Your Home

The Most Powerful Solar Battery System on the Market

Anker, a leading device charging company, has made a bold move into Tesla’s domain with the launch of its Solix line of home energy products. The company made this announcement at an event held in New York City, unveiling a modular battery storage system akin to Tesla’s Powerwall, along with a smaller battery targeted at individuals residing in condominiums and apartments. Anker has also introduced balcony-mounted solar panels that can be used in conjunction with the smaller battery.

The modular battery system, scheduled to be available worldwide in 2024, offers scalability from 5kWh of power, capable of running an average-sized house for a few hours, all the way up to an impressive 180kWh, which can potentially power a house for nearly a week. Designed to provide backup power to both existing and new solar installations, Anker guarantees that the system will deliver high levels of safety and durability. It seamlessly transitions to off-grid power and is compatible with various home energy equipment, including heat pumps and oil- or gas-powered generators. Moreover, the system will integrate with an upcoming EV charging solution, according to the company.