Corsair's first gaming laptop includes a touch bar

Corsair’s first gaming laptop includes a touch bar

Corsair, a long-time leader in the desktop market, is introducing its first gaming laptop. The new Voyager a1600 is an AMD powerhouse, including Ryzen 6000-series processors as well as AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics. Corsair’s first foray into mobile devices follows the acquisition of enthusiast PC builder Origin in 2019.

We don’t know for certain what this gadget will look like because the images Corsair has released are simply renderings, and we only got a brief glimpse at AMD’s Computex event. Still, take a look, and one element will most certainly catch your eye: there’s a touch bar.

Of course, this row of shortcut buttons above the keyboard deck isn’t called a “touch bar.” Corsair clearly characterized it to me as “ten easy-access customizable S-key shortcut buttons.” The good news is that this row of ten easily accessible customizable S-key shortcut buttons adds extra keys to the keyboard rather than replacing the function row, which other manufacturers have done with mixed results.