To highlight the importance of choosing new tyres that suit car owners’ particular lifestyles, Continental has launched its the Middle East Made For Your Drive campaign. Focusing on the brand’s unique Generation 6 tyre range, the campaign emphasises why it is essential to select the right tyres in order to prioritise safety, reliability and performance.


Continental launches ‘Made For Your Drive’ campaign to highlight the importance of choosing tyres that suit customers’ lifestyles


The premium German tyre manufacturer has linked up with several well-known regional personalities to demonstrate how its Generation 6 tyres, the first from any manufacturer to have been developed specifically for the Middle East region, are ideally suited to meet the requirements of different customers’ lifestyles.

Consisting of 60 different sizes across three distinct product lines, Generation 6 tyres meet the specific challenges posed by the region’s driving environment, while offering premium, everyday performance. As weather conditions change with the arrival of the winter season, Generation 6 tyres are the ideal option for customers looking for safe, supportive and high-quality tyres.

Continental’s Generation 6 range consists of the ComfortContact CC6, for smaller cars and city driving, the UltraContact UC6, delivering everyday performance for larger sedans and coupes, and the MaxContact MC6 for high-performance vehicles and supercars.

The ComfortContact CC6 is perfect for drivers who consider comforting a priority in their drive experience. A feature called The “Whisper Compound” includes polymers which adapt to the rough surface of the road, resulting in the reduction of tyre noise.

Featuring advanced German technology and innovative tread design, the UltraContact UC6

provides excellent performance. In addition, the UltraContact UC6 features a “Diamond Edge Pattern” assisting in extreme short braking distances in wet and dry conditions.

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The MaxContact MC6 is equipped with enhanced features such as a multifunctional tread design that enhances grip and handling. 

The “Made For Your Drive” campaign goes live on December 3, 2020, via Continental’s regional social media platforms.