Comcast will broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Dolby Vision HDR

If you have the correct cable provider, you’ll soon be able to watch the 2022 World Cup in bright visual quality. Comcast has announced that it will be the only business in the United States to broadcast the World Cup from Qatar in Dolby Vision HDR. You’ll need an appropriate Xfinity X1 set-top box and a Dolby Vision-capable television (sorry, Samsung lovers), as well as Fox’s coverage. When all of the elements are in place, the players’ bright outfits are considerably more likely to stand out.

For X1 subscribers, Comcast also offers a familiar World Cup centre where you can follow your favourite teams, check the tournament bracket, and see AI-selected highlights from recorded matches. And, no, you do not necessarily need traditional television service to watch. Peacock will broadcast live and on-demand games in Spanish, while Tubi will provide free English replays of every game.

HDR isn’t always a must-have feature. You may be satisfied to watch plainer-looking videos on regular TV or stream via Fox Sports. However, if you reside in a Comcast-supported location and want to get the most out of your World Cup experience, the Dolby Vision support may be an inducement to watch on cable.