Collage Mode in Disco Elysium lets you create brand-new conversation

One of the top games of 2019 and 2021, Disco Elysium, now includes a specific photo mode, but it differs from the ones seen in most games. The game’s new Collage Mode, which was announced last week, gives players complete access to all the characters, settings, and props included in the RPG. You may use that power to put your favourite NPCs in “a range of silly and sensible poses,” as you might expect. If you want to vary the tone of your shot, you may then add filters and adjust the time of day.

The ability to create your own conversation for Disco Elysium in Collage Mode is perhaps the most intriguing feature. Your dialogue will appear to have been taken directly from the game. Developer ZA/UM Studio advises users to “fabricate entirely new dramas, from unforgivable punch-ups to fruity yet forbidden kisses.” “Use actual game screenshots to support your fan fiction.” Fan fiction about Disco Elysium will never be the same.



Collage Mode debuts in the midst of a public conflict between ZA/UM and a few of the studio’s former workers, as noted by Eurogamer. The dispute began in 2022, when Robert Kurvitz, Helen Hindpere, and Aleksander Rostov, three members of the Disco Elysium crew, claimed they had been fired as a result of the studio’s acquisition by two Estonian businessmen in 2021. Kurvitz and Rostov continued by claiming that the new owners of ZA/UM had taken over the business fraudulently. In a press release on Tuesday, ZA/UM announced that the legal action Kurvitz and Rostov had taken against it had been settled and the lawsuit had been dismissed. Later on, the two told Eurogamer that the announcement was “wrong and misleading in several respects” and that they would keep fighting their former company in court using other legal means.