Classic Shoot 'Em Up Radiant Silvergun Comes to Steam

Classic Shoot ‘Em Up Radiant Silvergun Comes to Steam

The acclaimed classic arcade shoot ’em up, Radiant Silvergun, is making its way to the PC platform through the Steam storefront. Developed by Treasure, known for iconic titles like Gunstar Heroes, this classic gem played a pivotal role in rekindling the shoot ’em up genre’s popularity in the Western gaming landscape. After recent remasters of some of its older games like Dynamite Headdy and Alien Soldier, Treasure is finally bringing Radiant Silvergun to modern PCs, introducing a new generation of gamers to its timeless charm.

Radiant Silvergun, originally released as a 2D shoot ’em up in arcades and swiftly ported to the Sega Saturn, quickly earned its reputation as one of the greatest shmups (shoot ’em ups) ever created. Its arrival helped reignite interest in the genre, which had seen a decline in the 90s. For over a decade, the game remained exclusive to the Saturn and the Xbox 360 marketplace, only venturing to the Nintendo Switch in 2022, opening its doors to a fresh audience while rekindling nostalgia for long-time fans. The addition of a modern PC port further extends the game’s accessibility.