Classic Arcade Shooter 'Radiant Silvergun' to Land on Steam November 3, 2023

Classic Arcade Shooter ‘Radiant Silvergun’ to Land on Steam November 3, 2023

Treasure's Legendary Shoot 'Em Up Returns with Classic and Modern Gameplay

Furthermore, this version of the game introduces a unique gameplay mode that transforms “Radiant Silvergun” into something akin to “Ikaruga,” another influential 2D shoot ’em up. “Ikaruga” is considered a spiritual sequel to “Radiant Silvergun,” both developed by Treasure. Unlike the Switch version, this gameplay mode will be accessible right from the start, offering fans a fresh perspective on this timeless classic.

The return of “Radiant Silvergun” to the gaming scene, complete with its dual gameplay modes and the addition of the “Ikaruga” style, promises to delight both longtime fans and newcomers alike when it arrives on Steam this November.