ChromeOS without Chrome? Google Hints at Possible Change in the Works

Excitingly, it seems that the implementation of Lacros is just around the corner. All indications point to the upcoming Chrome OS 116 system update, which is expected to bring Lacros into the mainstream. Since Chrome OS updates roll out approximately once a month, we can anticipate the arrival of Chrome OS 116 by the end of August or the beginning of September. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether this system update will indeed make Lacros the default browser or merely eliminate restrictions on using Lacros as an alternative to the default browser.

In the meantime, recent Chrome OS updates have already introduced notable improvements, such as Android app streaming and a robust video editor. These updates are evidence of Google’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the Chrome OS experience for its users.

With Lacros on the horizon, Chrome OS users can look forward to a more streamlined browsing experience with easier and more frequent access to browser-specific updates. This development could address the security concerns of older Chromebook users, providing them with a safer environment to browse the web.