Chinese Exclusive No More! AMD Drops Affordable New Radeon GPU for the Masses

Chinese Exclusive No More! AMD Drops Affordable New Radeon GPU for the Masses

Remember that oh-so-tempting AMD Radeon RX 7900 graphics card that launched last year exclusively in China? Well crisscross applesauce, friends, because AMD just announced they’re unleashing it worldwide! Dubbed the RX 7900 GRE, reviews confirm this bad boy delivers stunning specs and performance at a mid-range price we can actually afford.

Slotted right between AMD’s Radeon 7800 XT and pricier 7900 XT flagship, the RX 7900 GRE flexes the same powerful RDNA 3 architecture in a slimmed-down package. You still get 80 souped-up compute units putting out some serious pixel-pushing horsepower. We’re talking frame rates that rival or beat the RTX 4070 for $100+ less. insert mind-blown emoji

Originally, this brilliant budget- conscious GPU was restricted to China only. But with inventory dwindling and shelves barren across the globe, AMD wisely decided to go full worldwide release. The upgraded RX 7900 GRE officially dropped in the US just yesterday with a tempting $549 MSRP. Not gonna lie, that’s an absolute steal for a next-gen card that can easily compete against pricier Nvidia counterparts.

But why the long wait when the non-GRE RX 7900 XT already sits pretty among the best graphics cards available? Well AMD wasn’t wrong to play it safe. When supply chains got squirrely and cryptobros gobbled up inventory, safer to cater exclusively to China’s enormous market. But now, conditions seem ripe to deliver this GPU gift to the rest of us. With mid-range cards scarce and the crypto wave crashing, it’s the perfect time to swoop in with a stellar value aimed at more budget-conscious gamers and creators.

So if you’ve been holding off for an affordable RDNA 3 that doesn’t demand you sell a kidney, your wait just ended. The RX 7900 GRE is officially here…and man, it looks glorious. Time to start clearing a space on that PC tower!