Captain America Gets Massive Jumps from a strange Marvel's Avengers Bug

Captain America Gets Massive Jumps from a strange Marvel’s Avengers Bug

Captain America can leap tremendous lengths across the map thanks to a flaw in Marvel’s Avengers, outperforming The Incredible Hulk’s skills.

During one of the game’s objectives, a bug in Marvel’s Avengers shows Captain America leaping to great heights and crossing enormous distances. Originally launched in 2020, the game included the majority of the hero lineup from the 2012 film, which includes The First Avenger. It is one of many faults discovered in Marvel’s Avengers.

The game’s first huge hook was that Captain America died in the first act, leading to the disbandment of the titular squad. It was eventually revealed that the individual had survived and had been rescued by Iron Man in one of the game’s most inventive missions. Since the debut of Marvel’s Avengers, the character has had his own set of skins made available for purchase. This includes, but is not limited to, a gladiator-inspired Captain America uniform, as well as many more from the flicks. Despite being launched almost two years ago, the game still has a number of character-related problems.

The myriad problems that have afflicted The First Avenger throughout the years have primarily been cosmetic in nature. One problem, for example, twisted Captain America’s visage into a horrifying shape yet had no effect on gameplay. However, a new flaw identified by Reddit user mkpeezy1 does. In a video posted by the user, Captain America jumps to great heights and travels lengths that rival The Incredible Hulk’s skills in Marvel’s Avengers.

The game’s original release did not go well for the developer or publisher. The beta for Marvel’s Avengers has been dubbed “one of the worst ever” as bugs in the game remain. Furthermore, the game has not been a commercial success by any means. Square Enix may have lost up to $200 million due to it and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. However, Crystal Dynamics seems committed to continuing to support the game once it is acquired by Embracer.

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Square Enix has published a slew of skins and DLC for Marvel’s Avengers over the last year. This has featured DLC for The Mighty Thor, Hulk’s gladiatorial gear from Thor: Ragnarok, and several additional enhancements. For the time being, it is unclear how long Crystal Dynamics will be able to maintain the game, but as long as this support exists, players are sure to experience more weird problems like this one.

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