Buffalo launches World’s Fastest DriveStation DDR USB3.0 External Hard Drive to the Middle East

“Buffalo has developed the perfect solution for consumers that demand faster storage performance, but don’t want to sacrifice drive capacity,” said Jasem Al Roomi, Managing Director of Buffalo Advantec FZCO, Inc. “We designed and built the DriveStation DDR to deliver the performance of an SSD coupled with up to three terabytes of storage, giving consumers the best of both technologies at an affordable price.”
The benefits of DriveStation DDR are automatic. Simple plug-and-play installation requires no advanced setup and no special software or drivers are required to operate at near SSD speeds. It is compatible with Windows and Mac devices and it can be used at top speeds with other popular consumer electronic devices that support USB 3.0, such as media players and gaming devices.
The DriveStation DDR is backed by a limited three-year warranty and is available now at Buffalo partners throughout the Middle East.