Bigscreen's initial virtual reality headset is said to be the world's tiniest

Bigscreen’s initial virtual reality headset is said to be the world’s tiniest

Bigscreen is best known for its virtual social network of the same name, but it’s also branching out into VR headsets — and it believes it has a way to stand apart in a field of strong but bulky competitors. The Beyond is a PC-only wearable that the manufacturer says is the “world’s tiniest” VR headset and exceptionally light at little under 6oz with a strap. Even a basic rival like the HTC Vive Flow weights 6.6oz. This isn’t a bare-bones device, either, with a pair of 2,560 x 2,560 90Hz OLED displays, six degrees of freedom tracking, and three-element pancake optics that, according to the company, eliminate the screen door effect (where you can see the gaps between pixels) while reducing bulk and providing a decent 93-degree horizontal field of view.