Bethesda Urged to Include Fallout-Style Elements in the Game

Starfield fans are begging Bethesda to take a page from Fallout and introduce some floating robot companions! After all, this expansive space epic takes place in 2330 – seems like the perfect excuse to unleash a few futuristic drones.

Players point out Bethesda has created iconic machines like Mr. Handy and synth sidekicks in earlier titles. Yet so far, Starfield’s bots lack thathovering mobility and total customization. Sure, the Vasco character rocks, but you can’t tweak him to your liking. And surprisingly few robots even float in this high-tech world!

Redditor ShriyanshPandey recently floated the idea, much to the community’s delight. Gamers agreed they miss having a legless robo-pal, and that Fallout 4’s companion commands raised the bar. Some argued an on-call drone would be clutch, swooping in when needed without constant obstruction.


Bethesda you have so much experience making floating robots,Give us Drones please.
byu/ShriyanshPandey inStarfield


Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC demonstrates the potential here. That expansion cranked out sleek new iterations of favorites like Mr. Handy, opening wild modification options. Players even built unique robot settlements! Imagine if Starfield let you engineer a personalized drone squadron to order around!

And get this – the lore already supports it! Starfield lore says Ryujin Industries dominates the drone biz. It’d make total sense for them to hawk programmable robot companions suited to each colonist’s needs.

Will Bethesda run with this creative concept? Who knows! But drones would seamlessly blend Starfield’s interstellar scope with signature Bethesda robot charm. Players crave that perfect harmony of custom plaything and badass ally. And gliding into adventure with a personally optimized drone sidekick sure sounds like a match made in sci-fi heaven!