Best Open-World Games On PlayStation 5

Best Open-World Games On PlayStation 5

When Sony launched its revamped PlayStation Plus subscription service in 2022, it granted members access to a vast catalog spanning PlayStation history. The tiers cover hundreds of titles across genres from PS1 to PS4.

Naturally, open-world games feature prominently. PlayStation exclusives with sprawling sandboxes appear alongside third-party hits. But with abundant choices, the sheer volume poses a paradox of choice. Where should you start?

Luckily, PlayStation Plus offers acclaimed open-world experiences whether you prefer shooters, RPGs, survival games or more. First-person sci-fi epics? Check. Lush fantasy realms to traverse? Covered. Zombie-ravaged cities that promise intense action? Plenty to satisfy.

Even niche genres like crafting/building games have standout open-world options. Truly, PS Plus grants something for all tastes when it comes to free-roaming immersion. For those seeking help parsing the selections, I’d be happy to suggest some of the best open-world games included with the PlayStation Plus collection and catalog.

Best Open-World Games On PlayStation 5


Number 1. Grand Theft Auto 5


Best Open-World Games On PlayStation 5


Rockstar sets the gold standard for open-world games, though new releases come slowly between long development cycles. With the GTA 6 trailer finally arriving but launch likely years off, fans have sparse recent options to get their Rockstar fix. Unfortunately, PlayStation Plus also lacks much from the premier studio besides one massive addition in December 2023 – Grand Theft Auto 5.

Coinciding timely with GTA 6 hype, the subscription received the enduring classic to enjoy on PS5 with polished performance. Though near a decade old, GTA 5’s sublime single-player campaign remains a genre benchmark for freedom, gameplay variety and cultural satire.

While some criticize the unexpanded story, GTA Online has kept the experience feeling fresh year after year. Through ever-growing online heists and absurdity, it realizes a vibrant alternate Los Santos life.

For open-world fans without GTA 5 yet, its PS Plus debut makes this the perfect time to experience Rockstar’s technical and creative prowess at their peak. And it provides an appetizer for whenever GTA 6 does grace our consoles to revolutionize virtual chaos again.


Number 2. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Special Edition


Best Open-World Games On PlayStation 5


When The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launched in 2011, it instantly became a benchmark open-world RPG. Over a decade later, its magical immersion and customization depth still captivate new generations. The recently added Special Edition on PlayStation Plus marks the definitive console version.

Beyond visual upgrades, the Special Edition crucially supports mods. Fan-created expansions have extended Skyrim’s life infinitely by adding new quests, locations, characters, and more.

At its core, Skyrim’s open world remains masterfully designed to encourage awe-inspired adventure. Its main story entertains without truly standing out. Instead, the joy comes from emergent side tales upon entering new biomes or dungeons. Between mod potential and handcrafted quality, each playthrough surprises.

For RPG fans, Skyrim Special Edition fills a glaring omission in the PlayStation Plus catalogue. It didn’t just define a genre — it transcended time itself. And now subscribers can experience that magic realm anew or return after many years apart.


Number 3. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag


Best Open-World Games On PlayStation 5


PlayStation Plus grants access to a treasure trove of Assassin’s Creed titles spanning history and geography. With so many worlds to dive into, personal aesthetic tastes may determine favorites — the gritty streets of Syndicate’s London versus Origins’ majestic Ancient Egypt, for example.

While Origins modernized the series as an open-world RPG focus, Black Flag remains a standout for sheer personality. By fully embracing the pirate fantasy, it liberates itself from franchise convention into something refreshing.

Sailing and plundering freely across the lush Caribbean as captain of your own ship simply has no parallel elsewhere in Assassin’s lore in terms of gameplay innovation matched with living setting immersion. Black Flag is Assassin’s Creed distilled into pure escapism rather than creed or continuity.

Whether newcomer or longtime fan revisiting, Black Flag on PS Plus offers a chance to experience this pirates’ life gem anew. You truly feel transported back through engaging characters, vibrant tropical locales and endless horizons ripe for adventure. So ready the sails and set course for paradise through this open-world highlight.


Number 4. Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut


Best Open-World Games On PlayStation 5


As a spectacular PS4 showcase, Ghost of Tsushima immerses players in a painstakingly authentic 13th century Japan under Mongol invasion. Its lush, varied representation of Tsushima Island stands among the most striking open worlds ever constructed.

After initial defeat, protagonist Jin Sakai turns disgraced samurai into freedom fighter to reclaim his homeland. Emotive writing and characters enliven the quest for liberation. Players forge alliances and wage guerilla warfare across countryside, villages, and serene temples.

Combat reflects technical precision and grace as Jin unlocks new techniques and tools. Director’s Cut content expands the experience through tense duels atop windswept cliffs or within ethereal bamboo groves.

Equal parts stirring drama and tactile interactive period piece, Ghost of Tsushima leverages PS4 power at its peak for an unforgettable journey through history. PS Plus members can now partake in this artistic triumph as the definitive samurai gaming vision.


Number 5. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales


Best Open-World Games On PlayStation 5


While Insomniac’s sublime 2018 Spider-Man left PlayStation Plus this year, web-slinging fans still have access to its standalone follow-up starring Miles Morales. As a visually jaw-dropping superpowered sandbox in its own right, Miles Morales maintains the high bar set by its predecessor.

Serving as an origin for the new web-hero finding his way, emotional writing and kinetic gameplay fully realize the exhilaration of swinging through Marvel’s New York. Effortless traversal chemistry makes even side activities entertaining.

At under 10 hours, Miles Morales fits PS Plus well as a condensed comic book blockbuster. Its self-contained story functions separately from the original’s narrative through a balance of heart and heroics.

For Spidey fans without hundreds of hours for an epic role-playing odyssey, Miles Morales delivers on flashy cinematic action and arcade enjoyment. Its fluid movement creates endless fun simply navigating the world while also saving citizens from threats. This standalone adventure captures the delight of being Spider-Man.