BenQ XL2720Z Gaming monitor Review

BenQ XL2720Z Gaming monitor Review

BenQ has been lately producing the best gaming monitors with BenQ XL2720Z being the newest product out in the market. Same as the BenQ XL2420TE that proved its mantle as a serious gaming candy among the gaming enthusiasts, the BenQ XL2720Z also comes with similar features but minute differences and a larger screen size.

Let’s check out the detailed review of BenQ XL2720Z Gaming Monitor.


BenQ has maintained a common design throughout the entire series of BenQ XL series while they have delivered a differentiated design for their RL or real-time strategy series of gaming monitors for each model. The red accented design on BenQ XL2720Z is the best BenQ design till date. The S Switch that you get with this monitor is very helpful to set up the monitor initially and in order to recall the previous saved modes for different needs. The design also offers coding and lettering in red for easy readability on the black background.

The BenQ XL2720Z is equipped with the usual design factors such as the red adjustment switch, S-Switch, curved VESA stand and side port extruded panels. The best part I liked about this gaming monitor is the top handle for easy movement of the rotating mount. Also the S-Switch comes very handy to program custom settings on three preset buttons to switch to any customized display layout of your choice with a click of a button. There’s also a scroll button on the S Switch that helps you navigate through the OSD settings and make changes to your display settings. The OSD menu options are very easy to navigate and set up on the BenQ XL2720Z.

Display, image and motion quality/performance

The display of BenQ XL2720Z is ideal for faster gameplay at 144Hz refresh rate. You will face no ghosting at any performance level while there’s a slight blur which is quite negligible with the 5ms/1ms response time. It makes the display clear, crispy and vibrant for smoother gaming experience. The images are quite clear even at the dark areas without washing out the whites, and the Black eQualizer performs best in keeping the color and the light definition pleasant and easy on the eyes. With the help of Nvidia 3D ready display, you can enable 3D vision with any compatible hardware. You also get the Senseye 3, along with FPS and RTS modes for better gaming experience. There’s also a function inbuilt known as game mode loader that helps you load custom game settings for each game type.

Utility and ergonomics

The mount is an ideal partner designed for the BenQ XL2720Z unless you are looking for a 2 display set up. There are almost all mounting positions available such as up/down/tilt, vertical/horizontal and can be adjusted with the help of red colored latch like switches. The BenQ XL2720Z offers the best ergonomics despite its huge form factor. It’s not all difficult to set up either and you will never face any issues while assembling or disassembling the monitor with the stand because of its hugeness.

Even the quality of the plastic is magnificent and helps in keeping the device clean and durable for a longer time. In fact the bezel is equally surfaced all over to give a consistent look whether you mount it horizontal or vertical.


The verdict about this excellent gaming monitor from BenQ is very positive. BenQ XL2720Z is the ideal choice if you want to flaunt your gaming friends with a large and efficient monitor. It offers great display with bright and neat colors without any glitches we find on consumer screen like reflections. Setting up this monitor is way too easy and customizing switching modes is quite simple for anybody. The red inserts make the monitor look cool and stand out. It’s an awesome buy if you are looking for one of the best gaming monitor. This 27-inch gaming monitor promises an excellent gaming experience altogether and keeps you from even the thought of upgrading for a long time.