Belkin Soundform Play - True Wireless Earbuds Review

Belkin Soundform Play – True Wireless Earbuds Review

There was a time when wireless earbuds were considered a premium peripheral, but brands have realized that in order to sell more of these products, they must target the affordable market, which is why we are now seeing a rapid influx of wireless earbuds coming in at pocket-friendly prices, and one manufacturer that we don’t necessarily associate with audio, Belkin, has a new $59.99 entry into the cable-free realm and that is, the Belkin Soundform Play True Wireless. Now, at this price, we should have low expectations, so do not expect a dedicated app with customizable EQ profiles. The emphasis must consequently be on sound quality since it is the only meaningful feature the earphones can provide. The Soundform Play True Wireless Earbuds give increased bass and sculpted highs for the price—not a sound characteristic for purists, but bass enthusiasts on a budget may like these.

We had the pleasure of receiving a unit for evaluation, and in this post, we will highlight the positive and negative elements of the Belkin Soundform Play True Wireless earbuds so that you can determine if they are right for you.


The design of the Belkin Soundform Play earbuds follows the traditional Belkin earbud design language from two ears ago. Yes, it has been given a bit more of a sleek touch up, but the essential form factor has been retained. Yes, we do get 4 colour options instead of just the Black and White earlier, but that’s not really much of an upgrade is it.

The earpieces don’t fit nearly as snugly as some others we’ve tried, and you only get three sets of ear tips to pick from, in small, medium, and large sizes. That’s quite normal, particularly for low-cost in-ears, but when the size that should fit allows for some flexibility, nothing beats a fin or band to help with fit stability. We tried twisting the earbuds to get bit more of a comfortable fit, and while it worked at times, it is definitely not a guaranteed fix. We have seen this eartip trend continue for some time now with Belkin earbuds and while the company claims that there is absolutely nothing wrong with their ear tips, we still feel that they need to do some R&D on that front.