Belkin International, a global consumer electronics and Internet of Things leader, today announces its plan to become 100% carbon neutral in scope 2 emissions by 2025. Already achieving sustainability benchmarks for 2020, Belkin sets its sights even higher by aligning 2025 corporate goals with several of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals – climate action, responsible consumption and production, and peace, justice, and strong institutions. The company is answering the United Nation’s urgent call for action by all countries in a global partnership.




Belkin has so far achieved:

  • Recycling of 22,667 tons of electrical and electronic devices, as well as 8,988 tons of packaging to reduce its carbon footprint on a much larger scale.
  • Renewable Energy Credits from a wind farm to offset 100% of its U.S. warehouse facility’s power consumption and is improving its materials sourcing and usage to ensure operations are done ethically and efficiently.
  • Plastic reduction in packaging in its cable range by 90%, its wireless charging pads range by 48% and wireless charging stands range by 81%.

Belkin’s 2025 Sustainability Goals:

Climate Action (UN Goal 13) – Belkin pledges to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact.

  • Belkin signed America is All In to acknowledge its commitment to the Paris agreement.
  • Belkin will become 100% carbon neutral in scope 2 emissions by 2025.
  • Belkin will also work towards carbon neutrality in Scope 1 & 3 emissions.

Packaging and E-Waste (UN Goal 12) – Belkin pledges to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

  • Belkin aims to reduce 25% of single-use plastic packaging by the end of 2025 based on its 2019 benchmark.
  • Belkin will transition to FSC certified paper for all retail packaging.
  • Belkin will use 30% recycled content on all plastic packaging where removal of plastic packaging is not viable.
  • Belkin acknowledges the EU’s objective to drive towards a more circular economy and will explore ways to reduce its e-waste footprint by weight in terms of plastic reduction and recycled content.
  • Belkin will have validated recycled content in its product to move towards a circular economy by prioritizing key materials such as copper and tin.
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Human Rights (UN Goal 16) – Belkin strives to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies.

  • Belkin’s parent company is a founding member of the RBA and has adopted and implemented RBA standards in its internal policies and processes.
  • 100% of all Belkin suppliers must comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • 100% of all Belkin suppliers must complete a social compliance audit every 2 years.

In its 2020 Sustainability Report, Belkin details its 5-year timeline outlining how it will achieve its sustainability objectives around climate change, packaging, electronic waste, governance, and reporting.

To support these efforts, Belkin established its inaugural Sustainability Committee, a group of VP-level eco-warriors within the organization to keep the company accountable to its high-level objectives. Malony is the executive sponsor of this Committee.