Battlefield Mobile Development Has Stopped, and the Studio Has Closed

Battlefield Mobile Development Has Stopped, and the Studio Has Closed

Electronic Arts has halted all development of Battlefield Mobile for Android and iOS, as well as the game’s development firm, Industrial Toys. As developers at DICE continue to focus on Battlefield 2042 upgrades and other Battlefield projects, the business will shift away from Battlefield Mobile.

EA and Industrial Toys launched the Battlefield Mobile open beta in select locations across the globe in November after many years of development. The free-to-play shooter would be EA’s first Battlefield release for mobile devices, and Southeast Asian players would be the first to check it out on Android. However, the absence of availability in the United States and Europe caused considerable concern among Battlefield gamers in these important areas. Only three months after the open beta debut, the concern surrounding Battlefield Mobile would be warranted.

EA released their financial figures for the third quarter of fiscal year 2023, disclosing that Battlefield Mobile production has been terminated and the Industrial Toys unit has been closed. To better execute its vision of the Battlefield series and satisfy the expectations of its players, the business opted to shift off its present course. As a consequence, production on Battlefield Mobile has ended as EA and DICE concentrate on improving Battlefield 2042 and creating future Battlefield products. Indeed, EA confirms that pre-production on new Battlefield games has already started across different studios.

Former Bungie president Alex Seropian, former Bungie project lead Brent Pease, and Seven Lights co-founder Tim Harris established Industrial Toys in January 2012. Midnight Stars, a first-person sci-fi shooter launched in February 2015 for iOS, was the company’s first effort. Following the studio’s purchase by EA in July 2018, Battlefield Mobile was the studio’s first and only project under the EA banner.

Battlefield Mobile follows in the footsteps of the free-to-play Apex Legends Mobile game, which was discontinued earlier this year. EA promises fans that additional improvements to Battlefield 2042 are on the way, but the Battlefield community’s diminishing enthusiasm prompts many to look forward to the next instalment in the long-running franchise. However, EA and DICE may continue to learn from Battlefield 2042’s shortcomings while building a brand-new Battlefield game.

EA is committed to creating more Battlefield games, at the very least, while taking user feedback into account. The successful release of the Dead Space remake may motivate EA and DICE to pursue a high-quality Battlefield product while honouring the desires of both longstanding fans and newbies.

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