Battlefield ASMR: Unconventional Sleep Solutions

Battlefield ASMR: Unconventional Sleep Solutions

I’ve tried some wacky sleep tricks in my time – rain sounds, meditation apps, weighted blankets galore. But never in a million years did I think I’d be recommending battlefield ambience to help catch some zzz’s. Yet here we are.

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Battlefield ASMR

If you haven’t caught wind of the latest and greatest viral ASMR trend, let me catch you up to speed. This gem comes courtesy of TikToker @blusoho, who stumbled onto her husband snoozing soundly to…the noisy calamity of trench warfare circa WWI. We’re talking grenades blowing, fighter planes zooming overhead, the whole shebang.

But oddly enough, blusoho’s husband isn’t the only one relying on the repetitive rumbles and booms of warfare to relax at bedtime. Turns out “battlefield ambience” and “combat sound effects” rake in tons of search hits on YouTube, with countless comments extolling the unexpected sleep benefits.


battlefield asmr


What gives? Well, blusoho offers some insight into her husband’s unorthodox audio choice. As an avid gamer, the familiar sound of epic battle takes him right back to carefree childhood days battling it out on his Xbox. And that comfort of simpler times helps lull him into dreamland.

At first, I’ll admit the logic seemed flawed. But out of journalistic curiosity, I gave one of these “WWI distant battle” videos a listen myself. And you know what? I sorta got it. Underneath the explosive chaos lies an almost rhythmic quality, like rumbling thunder or heavy rainfall. Pair that ambient repetition with nostalgic childhood memories, and I could see even the noisiest battlefield fading into comforting background noise.

Of course, everyone has unique auditory tastes when it comes to ASMR. While chirping birds drive me batty at bedtime, they might be another person’s sound of choice. Just like for some, bomber planes and artillery fire replaces the white noise machine. Hey, to each their own!

So if you’re struggling to get quality sleep lately, I’d say give this wild trend a shot. You truly never know what might get you snoring – be it raindrops, bacon sizzles, or the odd battlefield or two.