Battlefield 2042 Reveals Gameplay for Season 3: Escalation in New Trailer

Battlefield 2042 Reveals Gameplay for Season 3: Escalation in New Trailer

DICE and Electronic Arts have provided a preview of the forthcoming Season 3: Escalation update for Battlefield 2042, which includes a new map and Specialist. Battlefield 2042 has seen its ups and downs in the year since its release. Although the live service portion of Battlefield 2042 has not exceeded expectations, the material is still being developed. Season 3 will be released on November 22 for all platforms, perhaps providing Battlefield 2042 the boost it needs to keep players happy until 2023.

Season 3 of Battlefield 2042 has taken a long time to come, but this has been anticipated in the game’s live service content since its release. Season 1: Zero Hour of Battlefield 2042 was released on June 9, 2022. DICE set an aggressive pace for seasonal updates by releasing Season 2: Master of Arms 12 weeks later on August 30. DICE is still on track, despite the fact that another 12 weeks have passed. Season 3 of Battlefield 2042 will be released as planned.

The Season 3: Escalation teaser provides an in-depth look at the largest addition to the next update, the new Spearhead map. Spearhead is a sprawling map set in the Swedish woods. There are two massive square buildings, offices, industrial facilities, and a river that runs through the centre of it all. Players will be able to propel the action using both airborne and ground vehicles, as well as destructive aspects of the structures. It should be a thrilling experience to play on, but Battlefield 2042 players have high expectations.

DICE is also releasing the new specialist Rasheed Zain, three new weapons, a new tank vehicle, a new throwable knife, and two vault weapons to unlock in addition to the Spearhead map. All of this stuff will be accessible beginning with the release of Season 3. However, more changes are on the way. DICE is also redoing two Battlefield 2042 maps, Manifest and Breakaway, with considerable enhancements to each. The Specialist System is also being overhauled. They will be released in the first and second seasonal upgrades.

For those who have been putting off experiencing Battlefield 2042, DICE and Electronic Arts are offering a free trial of the next season. Beginning December 1, both PC and Xbox gamers will be able to test out Battlefield 2042 for free for a few days. PlayStation gamers will also be able to play for free between December 16 and December 23. However, it is not permanent. To continue playing, players must purchase Battlefield 2042.

Due to a lack of content alternatives, Battlefield 2042 faced an early demise between launch and mid-2022. With the publication of Seasons 1 and 2, gamers appear to have begun to return and remain. However, the introduction of Season 3 will be a significant test for the game. Perhaps Battlefield 2042 can begin to establish a larger player base, or perhaps DICE is better off anticipating the next Battlefield game.