AWS to Invest Billions in Expanding Global Cloud Footprint

AWS to Invest Billions in Expanding Global Cloud Footprint

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that it will be investing over AU$13.2 billion (USD $8.9 billion) in its Australian operations over the next five years. The investment is aimed at expanding its cloud footprint and harnessing green energy to drive growth in the region. The majority of the funds, around 80%, will be directed towards the Sydney region, which has been operating since 2012, with the remainder allocated to the recently opened Melbourne region.

The expansion is expected to create around 11,000 ‘full-time equivalent’ roles, including positions for contractors involved in construction and maintenance, as well as other related roles. AWS provides services to a wide range of clients in Australia and New Zealand, including educational institutions, healthcare providers, and government bodies, among others.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese welcomed the investment, noting the importance of cloud providers’ economic and infrastructure investments in jobs and skills. Technology Council of Australia CEO Kate Pounder also praised the investment, which is expected to support the growth of the country’s software sector at a time when digital skills are crucial.

As part of its expansion, AWS will continue to invest in renewable energy as it works towards a 2025 goal of providing renewable-only energy. The company currently operates almost 400,000 MWh-worth annually of solar in New South Wales and has plans to launch a wind farm in Victoria that will generate over 700,000 MWh per year.

However, the announcement comes at a time when data storage is under growing scrutiny over energy consumption. While the move towards green energy is a step in the right direction, some studies suggest that reducing consumption is more appropriate, with findings showing that two-fifths of the data stored in the UK could be unwanted.

Despite the challenges, AWS remains committed to its expansion plans and is optimistic about the opportunities for growth in the Australian market. With its investment in green energy and job creation, the company is poised to make a significant impact on the region’s economy and infrastructure in the coming years.